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Functional. Total fitness. All fitness levels. Empowering. FUN! Maximize your time: JACS Total Health & Wellness channel has created content that can be followed easily, its diversity ranges from strength training, to HIIT workouts, Tabata’s, plus challenges – you will hit multiple muscle groups, in addition to connecting mind to body. Changing up the routine, changing up the exercises: you’re going to find different timings, different mixes, and different ways to work from head to toe! Challenge and change all the way, change being the key word to keep you going.Build muscle. Gain strength. Heart health. Cardio endurance. Nutrition. Behavioral change. We need it all to sustain Total Health. I want to connect with you, and run the healthy journey as partners in fitness! When you’re working out with me, I want you to feel like we are together with me pushing you through to affect that end of workout feel good! There are workouts for everyone; there’s an opportunity to progress through the content by increasing your time, increasing intensity, or even combining workouts. Science based, research based: each workout is designed for you to optimize your time and to get results!

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Follow along At Home 
Experience Smashbod in the comfort of your own home to achieve your fitness goals. Stream follow-along workouts from a variety of coaches, styles, lengths, and formats.
Follow Along Anywhere
Take Smashbod Premium to the gym with you on a daily basis. Choose workouts with timed exercises or sets and reps. Follow along at anywhere for engagement, for motivation, for technique, for inspiration.
Fitness Goals Achieved 
Combining smart technology and professional fitness trainers into one platform Smashbod renders fitness goals a lot more attainable. With a wide variety of goals to choose from, results await.

Specialized Workouts with Variety and Tailored for Your Goal.


Life Changing Results

One of many Smashbod Success Stories:

Amanda was diagnosed with Lupus, a debilitating auto-immune disorder that left her body crippled and out of shape. Using Smashbod for fitness, Amanda's health and fitness level improved to a point where she signed up to compete. Following Smashbod workouts Amanda successfully took the stage by storm in a transformed her mind and body.

"Smashbod has truly changed my life! I have lost over 40 pounds already and was able to compete in my first NPC Bikini Show. I can't thank the content creators enough for helping me with my fitness journey!"